Wednesday, December 13, 2006


In case I've never mentioned it here before, my goal is to one day open a coffeehouse. And one of the things I would like to have in said coffeehouse is homemade goodies. And one of the goodies I want to homemake is chocolate. Or should I say choooocolaaate. :)

And last night I was at Target (lurve Target) and I happened to be in their chocolate section (just happened to be, really!) and I saw this new Choxie bar called the hot chocolate bar. Here's the description:
"deep, dark truffled chocolate with chipotle chili heat"
That made me say things like YUM! and OOH! (and maybe drool a little) so I took it home with me and ate it while I made some other chocolates to bring to bible study tomorrow.

(When it comes to chocolate I say let the masses eat the cheap stuff while I eat the pricey mexican-spice-containing stuff.)

Anyway it was SUPER good and HOT! Like, you pop it in your mouth and go, "Mmm, smooth." and then in the next second you're reaching for your Dunkin Donuts Gingerbread Latte (which, while good, is not such a great combo with spicy chocolate, in case you were wondering) because HOT! HOT in your MOUTH!

So yeah, it was so good that I went online and googled the ingredients so I can make my very own delectible chocolates that will make my friends' mouths (and eyes) water. I'm hoping to find smoky chipotle powder in my stocking Christmas morning. :)


Stupid blogcharm won't let me in--it seems to be seriously messed up right now--so I'm fulfilling my blog habit here for the least enough to say I am locked out of my blogcharm account and they seem to be messed up. :) Hope to be back soon!