Wednesday, December 17, 2008

that's it. i'm officially a grown-up.

We bought a house!!!

We just closed on it!

I can go over and visit anytime I want!!

OK, I just used the word "visit" to describe what happens when I go to the house we just bought, so obviously it hasn't quite sunk in yet. I actually called my husband from work the other night:

Me: "So...I can just take the key? and go over? any time?"

Him: "Uh...yeah."

Me: "OK. Just checking." *hanging up, doing the happy dance*

So we don't have to move until next week, which is good because there are other important things to do in the meantime like pack and get the hot water turned on and Oh yeah!! Open presents!! Woo hoo!

And then PACK THEM ALL! YES!!!

Exciting things are in the works for once we're settled.

Like...a puppy. quitting my job. Maybe.

So...YAY! Happy 2009! ;)