Tuesday, May 29, 2007

art in me*

I'm so excited to tell you about this blog that I came across through this other blog. I just got the girl's zine in the mail and it's titled, get this: The Artist in the Office: Living the Dream with a Day Job.

If you know me, and especially if you work with me, you'll know why this is so thrilling to me. I am all about the art in the workplace--the inserting of my creative bits into an otherwise dull, lifeless job. And this zine I got (which was free when I asked for it but now costs a small bit, sorry) has all these little tidbits on how to own up to your creative side.

When someone asks me what I do I tell them I'm a mom, and I work at ***bleeeeeeep*** but what I should say is that I'm a mom and an artist. Well, that's the idea, anyway...I don't have the nerve to do that yet since I really don't produce much art. But that's ok because the zine addresses that too. How to actually stop feeling guilty, sit down, and produce! Forget "I'm too tired!" Lots and lots and lots of famous, creative people have or had "real," day jobs and just because I don't sit around producing art full time and just because I collect a paycheck from the man doesn't preclude me from being an arteest. ;)

The other thing that is so exciting about this is I have two friends I am dying to pass the zine on to. I might even suck it up and pay money for them each to have a copy. Because while it is very tempting to just photocopy the dang thing a couple-a times, that would totally go against the whole artist-community vibe.

I have no idea when I became so bohemian. :) hee

*a song by Jars of Clay

Oh and by they way--I'm working on preparing this blog to take over from my BlogCharm account as main blog, because I'm sick of not being able to log onto BC. So I may be changing things around. Here's hoping I don't erase my entire blog in the process! Hang with me, k?

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

bleach me baby

Hey, remember when I tried to dye my hair purple?! Good times, good times.

Well, a few days ago I tried again, this time with some funky bleach-out highlighter. My goal was big, fat, funky, artfully-arranged chunks of highlights.

I followed all the directions. I even cracked a window in the bathroom because Dang! that stuff could kill ya with the stink. I painted the stuff on and didn't even get the bathroom looking like someone killed a bleach bottle in there. I sat there, reading a book, shaving my legs, drinking hot cocoa, for an hour and fifteen minutes.

Then I washed the stuff out, went to bed, and woke up thinking "Yes! When I go downstairs and take off this towel I'm going to have funky, artfully-arranged chunky highlights! Supercool!"

So I went downstairs and took off the towel and? Nuthin (you've probably guessed that already, right?). Not a single spot of anything that would indicate I'd spend over an hour with bleach in my hair.

I'm just about convinced that my head is undyeable.

But! I have CVS Extrabucks or whatever the heck they're called and as soon as I get some more mo-nay I'm going to hike on over there, buy another box of Super FX bleach-out highlighter or whatever it's called, sit in the bathroom and soak my head in the stuff (not my whole head, just artfully-arranged pieces of it) for as long as the directions say I can.

And maybe a little longer!

Then, I'm going to the nearest Hot Topic and getting me some more Manic Panic Purple Hair Dye and throwing it on some of the bleached-out parts. Cuz dangit, I'm determined to get this hair some color other than red some time before I'm old.

And by that, I do not mean gray!! Gray is not a hair color! And all you hairs better be listening because I see what you do in the middle of the night, don't think I don't notice!!