Thursday, June 15, 2006

my other blog

Oh, I wanted to tell you (last post today, I swear.) if you don't see me here for a while, check out my other blog here. Yeah, I wanted to see if I'd actually get paid to blog. So far I've earned $0.016! Yes!

But really, I plan on that being my "keeping family informed" blog, while this is my "no-holds-barred, venting" blog. I don't always want my family and friends knowing the stuff I don't mind telling total strangers. :)

Postpartum rant

OK people, my birthday is in a week and I want my birthday money NOW because there is a sale on Victoria's Secret stuff and there are some dresses that I hafta have for summer. Cuz in case no one's ever mentioned it before? Dresses are a new mommy's best friend.

They slip right over your head, skim right over bigger bellies, and poof! You instantly look like you showered and are somewhat together!

Get me this in white, please, so the spitup doesn't show too much. :)

Oh and speaking of new mommies. Y'know that period when your baby is a few months old and your prego hormones are wearing off and your hair--all your gorgeous hair that your pregnant head saved up--starts falling out in gigantic clumps?

Yeah, going through that now.

I pull humongous rats out of the drain every day. Well, every day that I get to shower. And then in between showers I can't run my fingers through my hair or take out a ponytailer without huge clumps coming out.


And you know, when you're a redhead it's really hard to blame all-over-the-place hair on other people. It just doesn't work.

And while I'm on the subject, my face is a mess. I'm breaking out like crazy. WTH?! It's a good thing I'm too busy cooing with baby R to notice too much. Until I need to, like, go somewhere. Then it's like, break out the makeup! And guess what that does?! Yeah, it's a vicious cycle! :)

Dang hormones. :)

I hate salespeople

Hehe, second post in 10 minutes. I'm just procrastinating going to the gym and cleaning my house.

Have you heard the commercial on the radio for the "See Clearly" method? It's something about how to improve your eyesight so you don't have to keep getting thicker glasses every year.

I thought I'd call the number, since the fact that I need a new prescription every year kind of freaks me out.

The woman who answered asked me some questions, then declared I'd be an excellent candidate for the see-clearly method (surprise surprise).

She got me all convinced that I needed their free video, then told me it would just be $9.99 for shipping and handling.

I was like, "Whoa, whoa whoa." I've mailed videos before and I know for a fact you can ship it media mail (haha I wrote media male. Can't wait til hubby comes home Friday!) for like 2 bucks. And if the extra is to pay someone to wrap it and ship it? Then it's not a free video! I mean I know ten bucks isn't a lot but it's the principle of the thing.

So then she tells me I can just go to seeclearlymethod dot com and watch the video online. Scammers! Charging me $10 when you're giving it away free! :)

Anyway I'm going to check out the video sometime when I have time to sit and watch it, and I'll tell you what I think.
My 7-year-old daughter, J, has her "celebration of learning" ceremony tomorrow.

Celebration of learning? What the hell is that?

The kids had to bring in stuff to make posters with that shows what they're interested in. That's fine, J likes doing stuff like that. Of course, it's up to me to find all the stuff, but whatever. And they are putting on a play version of Where the Wild Things Are. J is all upset that she's just a tree, and she doesn't even get to say anything. I got to give her the "There are no small parts just small actors" speech so that was good. Maybe she'll go on to follow in her mother's drama-geek footsteps.

But then I got a call from the room mom (if I knew who the room mom was I woulda checked my caller ID and let the machine get it) who wanted to know if I could bring a snack and some juice for tomorrows celebration. *sigh* OK. Then she wanted to know if I could also donate to the fund for a gift for my child's teacher. I said no.

I mean, maybe I'm totally off base here, but why should I give my child's teacher a gift for teaching my kid? Isn't that her JOB? Isn't that why she gets PAID? If I'm not mistaken, teachers get the summer off with pay. I think that's gift enough, don't you?

I just get so irritated when we are constantly asked for stuff. Donations for this, dollars for that, it never ends! And check out Rockstar Mommy's post on today's kids and the constant reaffirming we give them. Bloody celebration of learning. I'm just glad her school doesn't do things like graduation ceremonies for Kindergardeners or something.

I guess I'm kinda being bratty about the celebration of learning thing. J and the other kids will love showing off what they've done all year. I just don't want my kids growinig up thinking they should be celebrated excessively for what is, essentially, their job. I praise J for the stellar report cards she brings home, isn't that good enough? :)

But you know I'm gonna be all, "Wow! You were the best tree ever!" :)

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

what's that giant yellow thing in the sky?

The sun finally came out Sunday! I am so excited; it's been so long!

I get so depressed when the weather is bad. I think I need to participate in one of those sleep studies I hear about on the radio for people who get depressed all winter.

But now that the sun is out I feel like me again! Of course, it helps that I have the week off of work while hubby is in CA on business. I actually get to go to bed at a reasonable hour (read: right after my kids) and get up early like I like. I'm such a morning person, and I don't realize how much working at night, going to bed so late, and getting up late really affects me until I get a break from it. I cannot WAIT to quit my stinkin job and stay home!

Speaking of home, my house is such a mess! I'm going to be up all night just trying to clean it...which kind of goes against what I just said about going to bed early and getting up early. Since baby R.'s been here it's been almost impossible to get anything done. I end up spending one night a month up until sunrise cleaning, folding, mopping, while listening to my downloaded music.

That'll be me tonight. Fun fun!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

scary underwear

so glad my hubby wears boxer briefs!

Found this pic here (not sure how) and here are some more scary things about them:
  1. Why is there a model wearing them? Wouldn't a simple picture of the underwear suffice?
  2. Why do they come in a zillion different colors?
  3. I see they are available for screenprinting and wholesale orders. Is there a large demand from companies wanting to put their logos on mens' briefs?
  4. Did this model shave his legs?

I have to stop idly browsing the web.:)

good morning to me

Yay, it's 6:30 and I've been up for an hour! I have always been a morning person but since I don't usually get home from work until almost 11pm I always miss my favorite part of the day. I love when I'm up to see the sun come up and hear the birds start singing. I really need to get up this early every day. It's like working out--it feels so good but the act of actually doing it is so hard sometimes. Bed is so comfy! :)

So I had a very pleasant hour of coffee, email, and cleaning the kitchen (ooh exciting) before the girls got up.

I'll probably be back in bed for a nap later. :)

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

hm, How should I say this? Why is it that some of my favorite girlfriends have kids I can't stand? And you know, when you have little kids it's hard to get together without the kids. So, like, I can't be friends with these girls til their brats--I mean, kids--are all in school.

Of course, my kids are all perfect angels. And did I mention beautiful and exceptionally intellegent? ;)

OK OK I know brat is in the eye of the beholder. But this beholder can't stand her friends' kids. Like this one girl? Her daughter gets upset at the tiniest little imagined infraction, and then stars whining and crying in this hysterically high voice that is impossible to understand and her mother, my girlfriend, totally caters to it.

"Oh, what honey? She breathed on you funny? Well I'm sure she didn't mean it. She won't do it again. OK?"

Meanwhile her son is upstairs in my bedrooms tearing stuff apart. Mind you, he had to unbuckle the safety gate to get upstairs.

And this other girl whose relationship to me will remain unmentioned lest she find out I'm talking about her (cuz I'm so anti-confrontation)--her son gets together with my kids and all hell breaks loose! They're running all over the house throwing things and tearing things off the shelves and screeching at the tops of their little lungs.

And the time last month when I met a girlfriend at Target. Her kids are running all around, picking stuff up off the shelves and stuff and my friend is just like, "Oh, don't do that, please give that back, OK?"

I don't spank my kids. I just don't want my kids to live in fear of me like my sister and brother and I did of our parents. But man, I don't let them do whatever they want! Aaahhh!

OK I'm off my high horse now. When I first had Miss J. at age 20 and had no mommy friends I dreamed of the day I would have some. Now I have lots of mommy friends that I just love so I should count my blessings. I'm going to call them about 5 years. :) Kidding!


Oh, here's the latest fun return from my lovely customers at work. This guy came in with a big ol' iPod--you know, the 20-gig ones we sold about a year ago that are much bulkier and heavier and less-cool than the ones we sell now--that was a year old and all scratched-the-hell-up. I suspected that he only wanted to return it so he could buy a cooler one so, since we don't get credit from the vendor for the antiquity, I told him we would not take it back (shut up, I'm not powertripping).

Well, he went to the manager (I put that in italics so when you read it, it makes that whiny sound a customer makes when he wants to "talk to the manager"), who told him SURE we'd take it back as long as he went home and got the earphones and software. Sure! Why not?!

I tell you I am going to start tearing my house apart looking for stuff to return. Who cares if I got it at my wedding shower 6-and-a-half years ago?!

Monday, June 05, 2006

another lovely day

A recent exchange with a potential member at work:

Him (while standing under the HUGE sign that says how much a membership costs): How much is a membership?

Me: Fifty bucks.

Him: How much if you pay in cash?

Me: Um, fifty bucks. Wanna know how much it is if you pay with a check?

Him: ...

Me: or a credit card?!

Why haven't I been fired yet?

Saturday, June 03, 2006

You Are Miss Piggy

A total princess and diva, you're totally in charge - even if people don't know it.
You want to be loved, adored, and worshiped. And you won't settle for anything less.
You're going to be a total star, and you won't let any of the "little people" get in your way.
Just remember, piggy, never eat more than you can lift!
I have found chocolate heaven, and it is Green & Black's.

I was at the grocery store the other night after work and I wanted chocolate. I figured since I am a wife and mother now I should treat myself right by only eating GOOD chocolate from now on (goodbye stale hershey's kisses), so I picked up some organic chocolate bars. I couldn't decide on one so I got the "Mayan Spice", the caramel and the mint bars. I wanted the espresso and "70% Dark" bars too but at $3.50 a bar I already had almost 12-bucks-worth of chocolate so I'll try those next time. :)

OH MY HEAD are they fantastic. I was planning on making them last until my next grocery trip but it's pretty hard, they're so good. Oh, and I think the hubby discovered my stash so that didn't help. Good God thats good chocolate. I'm never eating cheap chocolate again. Of course, I may have to get a second job to support my new habit...

Thursday, June 01, 2006

baby teeth

My baby will be three months old on the fifth. Already! And for the last couple of days she's been acting, well, not herself. I'll try to nurse her and she screams bloody murder until I give her a bottle. Not every time, but once or twice a day. And that is after I check to see what else might be wrong, you know, diaper-hot/cold-lonely-bored-tired. And when she gets the bottle and drinks a few ounces she starts chomping on the nipple. And then she does this bite-pull, bite-pull thing that I am SO glad she doesn't do while she's nursing! And now she's crazy drooling everywhere.

Is my baby getting teeth already?!

The other girls got teeth at around 6 months, I think, which I guess is kind of early. Especially since I didn't get teeth til after my birthday. Please don't tell me she's getting teeth already, I've never nursed a baby with teeth before, having stopped before my girls got theirs, and I'm not ready for Miss R. to give up the damned-convient boob just yet!