Thursday, June 15, 2006

My 7-year-old daughter, J, has her "celebration of learning" ceremony tomorrow.

Celebration of learning? What the hell is that?

The kids had to bring in stuff to make posters with that shows what they're interested in. That's fine, J likes doing stuff like that. Of course, it's up to me to find all the stuff, but whatever. And they are putting on a play version of Where the Wild Things Are. J is all upset that she's just a tree, and she doesn't even get to say anything. I got to give her the "There are no small parts just small actors" speech so that was good. Maybe she'll go on to follow in her mother's drama-geek footsteps.

But then I got a call from the room mom (if I knew who the room mom was I woulda checked my caller ID and let the machine get it) who wanted to know if I could bring a snack and some juice for tomorrows celebration. *sigh* OK. Then she wanted to know if I could also donate to the fund for a gift for my child's teacher. I said no.

I mean, maybe I'm totally off base here, but why should I give my child's teacher a gift for teaching my kid? Isn't that her JOB? Isn't that why she gets PAID? If I'm not mistaken, teachers get the summer off with pay. I think that's gift enough, don't you?

I just get so irritated when we are constantly asked for stuff. Donations for this, dollars for that, it never ends! And check out Rockstar Mommy's post on today's kids and the constant reaffirming we give them. Bloody celebration of learning. I'm just glad her school doesn't do things like graduation ceremonies for Kindergardeners or something.

I guess I'm kinda being bratty about the celebration of learning thing. J and the other kids will love showing off what they've done all year. I just don't want my kids growinig up thinking they should be celebrated excessively for what is, essentially, their job. I praise J for the stellar report cards she brings home, isn't that good enough? :)

But you know I'm gonna be all, "Wow! You were the best tree ever!" :)

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