Wednesday, June 14, 2006

what's that giant yellow thing in the sky?

The sun finally came out Sunday! I am so excited; it's been so long!

I get so depressed when the weather is bad. I think I need to participate in one of those sleep studies I hear about on the radio for people who get depressed all winter.

But now that the sun is out I feel like me again! Of course, it helps that I have the week off of work while hubby is in CA on business. I actually get to go to bed at a reasonable hour (read: right after my kids) and get up early like I like. I'm such a morning person, and I don't realize how much working at night, going to bed so late, and getting up late really affects me until I get a break from it. I cannot WAIT to quit my stinkin job and stay home!

Speaking of home, my house is such a mess! I'm going to be up all night just trying to clean it...which kind of goes against what I just said about going to bed early and getting up early. Since baby R.'s been here it's been almost impossible to get anything done. I end up spending one night a month up until sunrise cleaning, folding, mopping, while listening to my downloaded music.

That'll be me tonight. Fun fun!

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