Monday, February 12, 2007

a whole big bag of sore

Go me! I have been to the gym, working out hard, for the last three days. Today will make four days in a row. Yay!

The only thing is...I hurt! All weekend I moaned around work like a lame-ass going "Ow. Ow! Oahhh. Wahhh. Ohh. Oww! Oh."

I'm pretty sure everyone there wanted to put me out of my misery.

I swear, I stretched and everything! That's what hubby asks me every time I complain about being sore. "Did you stretch?" And I say, "No," just like that, all condescending because why am I going to take the time out to actually stretch?! But this time I really did and I still hurt everywhere! Why the hell am I going to keep working out if it makes me feel like this afterwards?!

But the good news is I'm really proud of how hard I've been working. I've been, like, jogging and stuff. (Note to self: buy better jogging bra.)

There is a girl at work who is studying sports therapy and I keep bugging her with questions. "Why am I sore? Why does this hurt? What's this? What's that? Blah blah blah?!" I'm pretty sure she's going to start charging me by the hour.

Now if only I can keep this up.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


I originally deserted my blog here at blogger for a new blog host called blogcharm sometime last october or so. The idea behind blogcharm is that they pay you a little bit every time someone views your page--no ad clicking needed. Sounds great, right?! So I've been there for a while and I am just about to make it up to the $10 minimum required for a payout when I get an email saying, surprise! We're having difficulties and cannot make payouts at this time.

Can you say scam alert?!

So I may be back here soon. Keep an eye out! ;)