Tuesday, June 06, 2006

hm, How should I say this? Why is it that some of my favorite girlfriends have kids I can't stand? And you know, when you have little kids it's hard to get together without the kids. So, like, I can't be friends with these girls til their brats--I mean, kids--are all in school.

Of course, my kids are all perfect angels. And did I mention beautiful and exceptionally intellegent? ;)

OK OK I know brat is in the eye of the beholder. But this beholder can't stand her friends' kids. Like this one girl? Her daughter gets upset at the tiniest little imagined infraction, and then stars whining and crying in this hysterically high voice that is impossible to understand and her mother, my girlfriend, totally caters to it.

"Oh, what honey? She breathed on you funny? Well I'm sure she didn't mean it. She won't do it again. OK?"

Meanwhile her son is upstairs in my bedrooms tearing stuff apart. Mind you, he had to unbuckle the safety gate to get upstairs.

And this other girl whose relationship to me will remain unmentioned lest she find out I'm talking about her (cuz I'm so anti-confrontation)--her son gets together with my kids and all hell breaks loose! They're running all over the house throwing things and tearing things off the shelves and screeching at the tops of their little lungs.

And the time last month when I met a girlfriend at Target. Her kids are running all around, picking stuff up off the shelves and stuff and my friend is just like, "Oh, don't do that, please give that back, OK?"

I don't spank my kids. I just don't want my kids to live in fear of me like my sister and brother and I did of our parents. But man, I don't let them do whatever they want! Aaahhh!

OK I'm off my high horse now. When I first had Miss J. at age 20 and had no mommy friends I dreamed of the day I would have some. Now I have lots of mommy friends that I just love so I should count my blessings. I'm going to call them all...in about 5 years. :) Kidding!


Oh, here's the latest fun return from my lovely customers at work. This guy came in with a big ol' iPod--you know, the 20-gig ones we sold about a year ago that are much bulkier and heavier and less-cool than the ones we sell now--that was a year old and all scratched-the-hell-up. I suspected that he only wanted to return it so he could buy a cooler one so, since we don't get credit from the vendor for the antiquity, I told him we would not take it back (shut up, I'm not powertripping).

Well, he went to the manager (I put that in italics so when you read it, it makes that whiny sound a customer makes when he wants to "talk to the manager"), who told him SURE we'd take it back as long as he went home and got the earphones and software. Sure! Why not?!

I tell you I am going to start tearing my house apart looking for stuff to return. Who cares if I got it at my wedding shower 6-and-a-half years ago?!

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