Thursday, June 15, 2006

Postpartum rant

OK people, my birthday is in a week and I want my birthday money NOW because there is a sale on Victoria's Secret stuff and there are some dresses that I hafta have for summer. Cuz in case no one's ever mentioned it before? Dresses are a new mommy's best friend.

They slip right over your head, skim right over bigger bellies, and poof! You instantly look like you showered and are somewhat together!

Get me this in white, please, so the spitup doesn't show too much. :)

Oh and speaking of new mommies. Y'know that period when your baby is a few months old and your prego hormones are wearing off and your hair--all your gorgeous hair that your pregnant head saved up--starts falling out in gigantic clumps?

Yeah, going through that now.

I pull humongous rats out of the drain every day. Well, every day that I get to shower. And then in between showers I can't run my fingers through my hair or take out a ponytailer without huge clumps coming out.


And you know, when you're a redhead it's really hard to blame all-over-the-place hair on other people. It just doesn't work.

And while I'm on the subject, my face is a mess. I'm breaking out like crazy. WTH?! It's a good thing I'm too busy cooing with baby R to notice too much. Until I need to, like, go somewhere. Then it's like, break out the makeup! And guess what that does?! Yeah, it's a vicious cycle! :)

Dang hormones. :)

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