Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Why I might just lose all faith in humanity

Man, I can't even read the news anymore. I just can't!

This guy took his 13-month-old baby out of her crib, realized she'd spilled something on herself, and put her in the dryer and turned it on.

Could you imagine?! Good God.

On a lighter note...

I've worked in my crappy part-time customer service job for about six and a half years. Part of my job is to take customer returns.

I'm always saying that, with all the crazy stuff we see coming in, I'm going to write a book and make tons of money off of the crazy crazy people. And I've decided to start telling you all about it for free! Don't say I never gave ya nothin! :)

So yesterday was SUPPOSED to be my day off but I got called in anyway because one of my coworkers--oh, let's call her Ma, cuz that is, in fact, what we call her at work--forgot she was supposed to be closing that night even though she writes the schedule for our department and came in for the opening shift by mistake.

Holy run-on sentences. Anyway.

As is usually the case when you're NOT supposed to work but end up working anyway, it was a crappy night. I had the craziest people. Like one guy? Returned a huge $2000 flat screen TV that was a freakin year old. Why? Because he wanted a newer one, of course!! And being the store that we are, we happily gave him the refund so he could upgrade his television. He'll be back in another year to do it again.

I can't believe what people return. Another woman returned a rose bush that she bought last year. It never blossomed so she dug it up and returned the dead dry mouldering stump. I mean, I can't blame her for wanting some stinkin roses for her money but ew.

And another guy had his watch--his relatively cheap, $50 watch--for 3 years and when it stopped keeping the correct time did he buy a new battery? No, he just returned it and got a brand new one! And the lady with the cordless phone. She had it for a year and the battery died. Did she buy a new rechargeable battery, since they do occasionally need to be replaced? Why would she?! She returned it and got a new one.

Then there are the people who return and re-buy stuff they dropped out in the parking lot, the people who keep salad for two weeks and then wonder why it's all wilted so return it, the people who repeatedly return computers the very day before the return policy ends so they can upgrade...

This stuff happens all the time. I've stopped even trying to care, although I don't know where these people get the balls to return this stuff. We take it all back, and it's not my money, so I just have to keep my mouth shut. I like to think of what I'd say to these people if it were my store. :)

Wouldn't you like to know where I work?! Unfortunately, while I do hate my job, I still need it for a while longer so I won't be telling you. :) Sorry.


Teena said...

I had a friend who used to "recycle" clothes when she found something else she wanted to buy. Her hubby wouldn't give her any money (she's a shopoholic so he was trying to control it). So she would go through her closet and find something she didn't want anymore and return it. It didn't matter that it was six months old and she had worn it about 100 time!! She would return it and take the $$ and buy the new thing that caught her eye. Eeeee!!!

kimberly said...

ew ew ew ew ew! :)

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