Monday, July 09, 2007

summer movies

Summer. I have a love-hate relationship with it. On one hand, summer means squeezing into shorts and tank tops and bathing suits and worrying about who sees me in them. It means sweating a lot. It means mosquitos. But on the other hand it means school's out, daytrips with the kids, summer camp and my favorite summer thing: summer movies!

I'm not really a huge moviegoer. Too much other stuff to do to get to the theater. But there is so much coming out that I just have to see.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Do I even need to explain this one to you? You know what it is. I'm dying to see it, and then to read the last book.

Pirates of the Caribbean 3
Just saw this. Loved it! I'm really really hoping there will be a fourth. Note to Hollywood: you keep putting Johnny Depp up on the screen, I'll keep paying hard-earned cash to see him.

My boss says this is the best movie he's ever seen. While I do think that might be overstating a little, I am excited to see this. Which surprises me because hello! Transformers are a boys' toy. Barbies are for girls. Duh.

Live Free or Die Hard
Love Bruce Willis. Love Die Hard movies. Probably wait to NetFlix this one though. Sorry Brucy, I can only shell out so much for movie tickets. I'm on a budget, y'know.

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer
I know, I know. I'm a sucker for the big summer blockbuster. It's not my fault; you think I could get my man's-man hubby to some indy film? Heck no. That's my story and I'm stickin to it.

A Mighty Heart
I'm not sure this one is still in theaters. I really want to see it though. In the beginning I was kind of like "eh, whatever!" But I've read the things that Marianne Pearl says about the movie and about her friend Angelina Jolie's part in it and, taking into consideration that I'm getting my info from drugstore tabloids, I really want to see it now.

The Bourne Ultimatum
I had no idea they were making a third Jason Bourne movie until it's practically out. I liked the first two...but I'm going to have to watch them again right before I go see this one just so I can remember what the heck is going on.

I've been a fan of Neil Gaiman's stuff since high school and, while I haven't invested as much time reading him as say, Stephen King (such highbrow, literary reading I'm into, no?), I just started a collection of his short stories that has reignited my interest in him. So I was excited to see that they're making a movie out of this book, Stardust. I'm going to have to find my copy, dust it off and reread it. Gaiman is producing, and we all know that including the author in his movie adaptation is a good thing, right?

It's kind of funny to look back on my days as a movie reviewer for my college newspaper. Seriously, I like pretty much everything. So every week I'd have to find a different way to say "I liked it." I'm just no critic. I do have to make time to go see something low-budgety, though, before the blockbusters rot my brain.


K.B. said...

WOO HOO I have been hoping since I first heard about it that Transformers wouldn't be a bust... I am an 80's child after all and can't WAIT to see it.

Also, Bruce Willis was my first ever celebrity crush all the way back from the Moonlighting days! (Well, besides Fred Savage in the Wonder Years, he was sooo cute! What happened to him? He's just a big sissy now.) So yeah I can't wait to see Die Hard either.

LOVE your list and your thoughts on all of the movies. And HAHA I have the same problem with trying to be a movie "critic." I guess I am too easy to please, because if a movie is entertaining in any way, I don't care how bad it was, or how many errors were in it or anything... I will still love it!

Joseph said...

HAHA, you're hilarious.

Here's my review of Transformers, I was kinda let down. I was expecting it to be the BEST MOVIE EVER!!!! (thanks to my geeky friends) but I didn't expect the super cheesy dialog from the disney kid and his girlfriend. (lame - but exactly what I should have expected from a movie based on an 80's cartoon) as for the action, it was top notch. Quality machine on machine warfare for 85% of the movie. I do not like how they didn't follow some of the robots' paths. (they were just random robots) so if I was to rate it, out of ten, it would get a 7.5.