Thursday, July 26, 2007

We just got a call yesterday telling us that the father of one of Jo's classmates was killed in a really bad car accident. He wasn't even 40.

The phone call was to ask if we wanted to donate to a group donation in the daughter's name. Then we got another phone call today asking if we wanted to come to a big birthday dinner for the daughter. I guess her dad was planning a huge bash for her.

It's so sad.

I want to do something for the family that's a little more personal, and that might help with with what they really need the most, like making dinners or taking Jo's classmate out with us to the zoo for the day or something. But I feel awkward asking, since we really didn't know the family besides Jo going to last year's birthday party.

What do you think that family needs most? Money? Food? Time alone? Fun time? Right now, I'm just praying for their peace.


K.B. said...

FOOD! Seriously, there is something so therapeutic about a home cooked meal THAT YOU DIDN'T HAVE TO COOK! And I think that since you don't know them well, it is the safest, most personal thing you could do. Then when dropping it off, you could include a sympathy card with a phone number expressing how willing you are to be of any extra assistance. Also, it's kind of an excuse to get you in the door. From there it will be more obvious what the family would benefit most from.

My heart breaks for them.

(Oh, and as a "p.s." I read once never to say things like "it was God's will" or that kind of stuff... could you imagine hearing that over and over and over again? Even if you believed it? Just a thought.)

Kristyn said...

Well, a little bit of all of the above is what makes the perfect combo, right? Ha. Still trying to find that here.

Charisma said...

I think you should ask them. Close or not I bet they would appreciate the sentiment and won't be all "who are these people and why do they want to help all of a sudden??"
And by asking you give them some power in it b/c what if no one asks and everyone is doing the same thing and they really would like something else, but don't want to ask.