Wednesday, September 05, 2007

i wanna be feared and despised when i grow up!

I had a dentist appointment this morning.

The good news is, not only did I actually go, as opposed to the last two or three appointments that I skipped, but only once did I get poked in a place that sent me jumping out of my chair. I thought it was going to be much worse. I credit God for listening to my desperate prayers while squirming in the chair waiting to start. Thanks God, you're the Man.

The bad news is, I have so many freaking cavities that the dentist's office has to call my insurance company to schedule the treatments. You know, so the insurace will cover them all? Yeah. That sucks.

The other good news is I got a prescription for Valium! Real live Valium! Because if it takes me three or four tries to go in for a cleaning, just imagine how nauseous I get when the words "root" and "canal" come into play!

Now I just have to get someone to take care of my kids all day so I can sedate myself before my Appointment with Hell.

In other news...T-minus 24 minutes and counting until Devy gets on the bus. Somebody hold me!


Charisma said...

Hey when I get back I'll watch your kids for you when you go to the Dentist! Cali has been good to me, but my loyalty runs deep. That and surprisingly my sense of values, who knew?!! ;o)

So keep your fingers crossed for me that Lesley will want me (and will want to give me lots of money - that I don't have to pay back)!! As I can only come back if Lesley wants me...

Oh and my roommate and I were just talking about the Dentist, I def need to go too!

kimberly said...

OK, I'm taking you up on that because Valium + dentist = WHAT cavity?! Hm? Root canal what?!

So...go get yerself into Lesley. Whatcha going for?