Thursday, September 25, 2008

I could handle being UNDERwhelmed once in a while. Just for a change of pace.

In approximately 24 hours I am leaving my family and driving three hours up to NH for a blessed, blissful weekend away.


From Friday night through Sunday lunchtime I will not have to pick up anyone's dirty underwear.

I will not have to figure out what to feed anyone.

I will not have to entertain anyone. Well, my friends are expecting me to bring Zumba stuff, but I can handle that.*

I will not have to work.

I will not have to work out.

I will not have to convince anyone that bedtime is a good thing.

I will not have to shower. Although I will.

I will not have to convince anyone to let me please sleep just another two and a half minutes. As a matter of fact, I can do exactly what I like to do: stay up super late playing volleyball, get up super early before the sun for some coffee and reading, and take a two-hour afternoon nap, if that's what I wanna do.

Now, in order to prepare, I should be packing. I should be cleaning, so I can come home to a tidy-ish house. HAHA! like the kids aren't going to destroy it while I'm gone.

Anyway, I am neither packing nor cleaning. I'm simultaneously blogging, chatting on facebook, and checking out the new Zumba sneakers I want. I tried them on today. They're wonderful. And super-freakin cute.

Anyway, I'm off tonight, so I have plenty of time to do that other stuff after I teach Zumba.

Which reminds me--it's "Family Zumba" night tonight, so I have to go burn a CD of songs that don't involve quite so much hip thrusting and pony riding. Hm...

The list, it is never ending.

Thankfully, I have coffee. And two flavors of International Delight creamer. Which means I'm totally prepared.

*I wasn't really planning on bringing it all--I was planning on being a total lazy-ass all weekend, not even planning to dress up for the Saturday Night Fun. Me! The queen of OOH! Let ME dress up for EVERYTHING! Lazy lazy lazy ass.

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