Tuesday, October 07, 2008

miss independent

So...more about miss Bek and her little independent streak.

I've been sick. Did I mention that? Nasty-sick, complete with the expelling of large wads of green phlem.

You're welcome.

So, when I'm sick, I take lots of naps, partly because I'm convinced they'll help me feel better sooner, and partly because I love naps.

So the other day, I put Bek in for a nap, and then, after checking to make sure she was asleep, headed to bed myself.

Two hours later I crawled out of bed, thinking I would go in and get her from her crib.


Bek was already downstairs, sitting quietly at the craft table--apparently her favorite I'm-not-sleeping place--talking to herself and playing quietly.

And this morning! She was sitting at that same table again, regardless of the fact that no one else in the house was up.

If this were either of my other children, they would--well, they wouldn't be able to get out of their crib; they would jump up and down yelling for me until I got them--but if they could have climbed out of their crib, they would have come in my room to get me so I could love on them and get them breakfast. They never would have just doen it all themselves.

There's a reason I have to think about it when someone asks me how old my kids are--my youngest is two but thinks she's five!

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Tanya said...

oh, our youngests are always our... independant ones. Be thankful she was in the craft room and not , say, on the garage roof! how 'bout a gate in her room. complete w/ shocks and alarms? lol