Friday, May 19, 2006

and another thing

while i'm waiting for pictures to upload i just thought of something else to write about! yay!

i love TV. i don't get to watch much, mostly just kids' stuff and what i catch while on break at work, but i have my shows i'll watch if i can. one of those, will & grace, just ended tonight, and i missed the finale! wah! i LOVE this show, love debra messing (she being a sister redhead dontcha know), love the laughs, love the show. and now its over! it ended so sweetly too--i got to see the last two minutes or so. will & grace parted ways and didn't see each other for years and years--i think cuz grace got back together with leo or something. anyway i came in on the part where will's son and grace's daughter meet at college (SO cute--the kids looked just like their parents), they go to get coffee and then will & grace meet up while they're bringing in their kids' stuff. SO cute. so sad to see it go.

the other show that just ended for the season (not for good) that i like is america's next top model. i have no idea what got me hooked on this show, i am so not a reality tv person, and hello, models? who cares, right? well, i LOVE this show! and i am so excited that danielle won! she and joanie both really deserved it, they are both so beautiful but danielle is just a great personality. i was so happy for her; so many times i thought she'd go home cuz of that crazy southern drawl. good for her though, she'll do well!

OK serioiusly? i NEED to go to bed. do you realize it is 3:40 in the MORNING?! what am i doing? just when miss r. starts sleeping, i start not? zzzzz.....

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