Sunday, May 21, 2006


ok, i think i want to get something pierced. probably my eyebrow. this was something i always wanted to do in high school and college, but i never had the money, or i was afraid of what my parents would say, or i didn' t want to scare off my conservative boyfriend (now my conservative hubby!) or i didn't know where to go, or whatever.

but now i have the money, i don't need to worry about getting grounded by my parents, my hubby is stuck with me for richer or poorer, pierced or unpierced; i can easily find a place to now the only thing i'm worried about is if my church family will flip out on me. :)

i might have mentioned that i'm a born-again Christian. normally us christians don't go around piercing ourselves; it's seen as self-worship to care that much about your apperance, i guess, or something like that. but i seem to be having a little rebellion problem lately, it's so bad! the rebellion first masked itself as doubt in my faith, but to be honest with myself, i can no longer doubt God's existence; he has simply made himself far too clear to me. but it's like i wanted to rebel in that way, and now i want to get my eyebrow pierced. i've been praying for this rebellious feeling to GO AWAY but apparently it's just changed focus. :)

so...i'm still thinking of doing it. maybe for my birthday. i'll call up my sister and brother and get them to take me as a birthday present.

then, of course, there is the issue of what kind of example i am setting for our children. i want to tell them that, as an adult, i can make decisions on what to do with my face. i know that is irresponsible though. grr, i KNOW it is but i want to do it anyway!

well anyway, stay posted and we'll see if maybe this just goes away. my birthday is in a month, so i have a while to mull it over.

by the way, i was researching online and i cannot BELIEVE some of the things people get pierced! i mean, MAN! :)

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