Monday, May 22, 2006

my crazy job

hm, i'm beginning to think i need to shut up at work. cuz, you know, my lousy customer-service job really sucks and in order to make it somewhat pleasant, i chat up any customer who seems in the least bit chat-uppable.

well, last night i mentioned to someone who was returning some san pellegrino bottles that i keep meaning to try the stuff, but at about ten bucks a case it's a bit pricy for me when i can buy the crap at the supermarket that comes in the PLASTIC bottles.

yes, well. this gentleman proceeded to tell me how AWFUL plastic bottles are for me and do i do anything good for myself like reading up on nutrition? and well i should check out this site and this site and read this book and his wife is this amazing nutritionist-slash-chiropracter and he used to be addicted to all kinds of paraphernalia until he met her and now he's a healthy athletic superman, and i swear he had me pinned there for twenty minutes! and my dear coworker? just kept on taking customer after customer around me, not bothering to catch my "help me" face, which just figures cuz she NEVER does any work until i actually need her!

man, i gotta stop talking to people. :)

oh hey speaking of "crap," my kids were cleaning up the playroom (after i asked for only the fifteenth time) and miss j. found a bracelet she'd been looking for. i asked her where it was and she said, "oh, under some crap." LOL i almost busted a gut but of course, as her mom, i'm not supposed to laugh so i said, "under some what?!" and she said, just as nonchalantly as the first time, "under some crap," only this time with a little impatience, like, hello ma, didn't you hear me the first time? now, if this was my fifteen-year-old or my 12-year-old or even my 10-year-old, the use of the word crap would not have so offended my delicate sensiblities, but this is my seven-year-old we're talking about! so i suggested calmly that next time maybe she might say "under some STUFF." then i promptly called my mom so we could laugh about it. :)

crap, i'm hungry.

hey did anyone else read about britney spears? her loser hubby wanted to sell info to the tabloids about her new pregnancy but she told before he could sell the info.

that poor girl. she reminds me of some girls i work with who keep going back to the same loser guy, or who are trying to get pregnant so their boyfriends marry them, who basically don't realize they're worth much more than that. i get so frustrated with girls like that--i just want to shake them and yell in their faces, "you don't need that guy! get your own life! step back and take a look at what is going on!!"

sigh... sorry; normally i don't go on about what celebrities are up to (unless that celebrity is johnny depp, then i could go on for days and but i have a spot for people like that. :(

ok i am off to bed. hey, remind me to take some pictures of the kids and stuff. i'm being put to shame because my flickr account only has like six photos. :) i need to get a more portable if anyone wants to get me this for my birthday next month (in vivacious violet, please), that would be ok.

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