Monday, May 22, 2006

next february

ok, i know, i really need to get my butt to bed but i just remembered something i wanted to write about! i'm so excited, i can't believe i forgot to mention it earlier!

sunday, in church, we found out that the missions team is putting together a group of people to go down to louisiana in february to help out with the aftermath of katrina. i am not sure what it will be like in february, 18 months after the storm, but i am very excited about the opportunity. since starting at this church in '03 the desire to perform on some kind of missions trip has been growing on my heart. but i'm not sure uprooting my family and moving to zimbabwe or something is quite right for us. so when i heard about this trip i got pretty excited. and guess what? when i mentioned it to the hubby he said he might want to go too!

hm, that means we have to get someone to watch our three kids for, like, four or even five days. the flier said a minimum of a three-day commitment was requested but i don't know if the group will be staying longer, especially since they are DRIVING down to louisiana. anyway, if we split up the time between my mom and hubby's parents and my sister, it might work, especially since miss r. will be almost a year old, and out of the baby-baby stage. i am so excited!

the other thing that i'm excited about, besides the chance to help people and maybe witness to them, is that this trip is motivation to get my big rear end to the gym. i mean, what help will i be on this trip if i can't even keep up, y'know? SO...i just got together my clothes for tomorrow so miss d, miss r., and i can head out to the gym after miss j. goes to school. whee! :)

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