Tuesday, May 30, 2006

the birthday party that wasn't

OK, so imagine you're my husband, a very family-budget-minded fellow. My birthday is fast approaching and I have taken a day off of work to throw a party. I call you from work and say, "Hey, honey, I have the Saturday before my birthday off from work, would it be all right with you if I threw myself a party?" You say, "Sure, why not?"

Am I WRONG in thinking it's OK for me to throw a party? Am I wrong to start inviting people to said party?

So why would you, as my husband, come home today and tell me that maybe it isn't such a good idea to be throwing a party, since we've been trying to not spend money?!

Here's a little background; see, we've been trying to pay off our debt so I can quit my stupid job and stay home. And I'm really looking forward to being home and not worrying about balancing schedules and missing fun weekend stuff and all that. This is a noble goal to which I am dedicated. But the whole POINT of me CALLING to ASK if the party would be an OK thing was this very point! No, I didn't say, "Hey, honey, do we have money to throw a party?" but I figured it would be ASSUMED that that's what I meant. I mean, HELLO, what else would I mean? Did he think I was just asking for the hell of it?!

So now I have to cancel the party and uninvite all the people I've already invited. Sure, you say, I could make a budget and try to see where the money would come from but I don't want a bare-bones tiny little shindig, I want a huge, loud, fun blast! So screw it, I'm just going to cancel the party so I don't have to listen to the complaining. And while I'm at it I'll just ask to be scheduled for that Saturday after all so I don't have to be home remembering why I had the day off in the first place. And we'll just forget I'm even having a birthday.


Radmila said...


Want me to kick his ass?

Teena said...

He said it was okay. Why did you cancel it? It's not like you have a big party every Saturday night. It's your birthday!!!

kimberly said...

beh, I know, but he has a point. there'll be other birthdays. Besides, maybe now he'll throw me the surprise party I've always wanted. :)

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