Friday, May 19, 2006

copying off some other blog

ok i saw a bunch of other bloggers doing this and since my blog is new i thought i'd take their idea. we used to call that "biting" like, i am so totally biting this idea off those other blogs. do they still say that? oh i'm old. :) anyhoo:

I AM: a wife, a mom, a daughter, a friend. an evangelical christian. a pain in the butt. a redhead. an ex-mensan. a geek. ticklish. a big fan of coffee and chocolate.
I SAID: I'd never drive a minivan. well, i'm no psychic.
I WANT: my children to grow into well-adjusted, kind, fulfilled, healthy, thoughtful adults
I WISH: i could lose 50 lbs by eating chocolate. that'd pretty much rock out loud.
I HATE: people who give christians a bad name. people who blow up abortion clinics, shoot up gay bars...those people are not truly christians but they become what most people think of.
I FEAR: that something will happen to my hubby or our girls. sometimes this fear is near-crippling in its intensity. life is so great right now...sometimes i feel like job right before the bad stuff.
I HEAR: my baby girl on the monitor. she's a-fussin'.
I WONDER: what my kids will be when they grow up. sorry, i know that's a lot like one of the other answers!
I REGRET: nothing
I AM NOT: motivated by money
I DANCE: like a white girl. no, worse; like a white GUY. a white guy with no rhythm.
I SING: in the car, as loud as i can. and then i laugh at the people from the other cars who see.
I AM NOT ALWAYS: obedient. sometimes i just wanna go out and get something pierced.
I MADE: some dang pretty kids. well, i had help. ;)
I WRITE: like i talk, which is good sometimes and bad sometimes.
I CONFUSE: my husband when i argue with him sometimes just for the sake of arguing.
I NEED: to lose 50 lbs. :)
I SHOULD: call my mother more, and my friends
I START: lots of things
I FINISH: a lot fewer things than i start. NOT a good trait in someone who wants to work for herself i might add.
I KNOW: a lot of stuff but have no common sense.
I CAN: climb a tree, hike a mountain, put on a staged swordfight, say "do you have your license with you?" in spanish and sign language
I CAN’T: whistle
I SEE: very little of my hubby. we work opposite schedules to be home with the kids.
I BLOG: because i want to get back in the habit of writing, and because i believe keeping some kind of journal again will help me stay sane and not drown emotions with food.
I READ: harry potter, stephen king, my bible (niv and the message), blogs by other young moms like me
I AM AROUSED BY: my hubby; he knows just what to do...
IT PISSES ME OFF: when my boss tells me to do something just cuz he doesn't want us to see how incompetent he would be at it
I FIND: amusement in simple things
I LIKE: being alone sometimes
I LOVE: my little family.

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