Friday, May 19, 2006

first post

It is almost two o'clock in the morning, what the heck am I doing up? I got it in my head to start this blog while I was at work tonight and I've spent the last 3 hours trying to find pictures to model the design after. I'm looking for something retro, and I know the look I'm going for but I just can't find it. Why can't I be artistic? Then I could just draw the design my damn self! :)

Anyway, speaking of work, tonight was the easiest night I've had in a while. Every year my bosses ask me to make a display showcasing our graduation cakes and every year I make a really great-looking display, if I DO say so. (Well OK, last year's kind of sucked, but I was rushed, OK?! You can't rush genius!) And every year they throw my display away after all the graduations go by, so the next year I always have to make a new one. Ha, like I'm complaining!

So every year I get to spend pretty much my whole entire shift shopping for supplies at the party store and the craft store. Did you hear me? They're PAYING me to SHOP. And I actually have the nerve to complain about this job?! So that's what I did tonight. The only sucky part is walking in, through the store, with all these balloons and shit and the LOOKS I get from my (extremely jealous) coworkers! MAN! I didn't ASK to be sent all around town for the fun stuff. I didn't ASK to be somewhat talented in the creativity department and thereby become the go-to girl for any type of anything that needs to be made around here. It's just the way it is.

I do think maybe it's about bloody time I started charging for my creative services. I mean, sure, I make good money for my job, but this kind of stuff is kind of above-and-beyond, don't you think? :) Let's say $30/hour for whatever I'm doing on company time, $50/hour for whatever I end up taking home to do. Cuz it's SUPERfun trying to build my display in the bloody breakroom with all the jealous coworkers making snarky comments.

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