Saturday, May 27, 2006

Ok, so, I'm new to the whole blogging experience, right, so I thought it would be fun to check out other peoples' blogs. Specifically other blogs by fun young mommies like me. So I click on one, I read that, it's funny, and then I click on one of the links to the blogs she reads, and that's funny too, so I click on a link to a blog that THAT girl reads, and on and on, and instead of reading them all right now I'm reading a little and then bookmarking them for later.

And my bookmark list is growing and growing...

And then there are all the links to other kinds of stuff I didn't know like, what's a blogroll? and how can I get a cool background for my site? and where should I host my blog? and this and that and finally I've got a list of sites to visit that is SO long, I'm never going to read it all! I'm totally overwhelmed! Aaaah!

So then I remind myself to breathe. I do this a lot--get caught up in something and get ahead of myself and get overwhelmed. So I just have to take this blogging thing one step at a time. Like, let's try actually posting something with some regularity, before we start worrying about making it pretty or where to host the dang thing. :)


I was at the gym today (something else I totally get overwhelmed about; I really have to stop reading fitness magazines before I go crazy) and there was a reminder about high school reunions. Then it hit me. Holy cow I have my 10-year high school reunion this fall!

Hubby had his last year, and we didn't go. I was hugely pregnant and no one we knew was going and it seemed like too much money for something we weren't too thrilled about. So I don't know if I'll end up going to my own reunion, especially considering I hung around with a lot more people from his class then my own.

And...well, ok, I'll admit it. I'm a LITTLE reluctant to go to my high school reunion as a stay-at-home mommy with a no-brainer part-time job. I mean, I went to college! I was going to have a CAREER!

This never bothers me except when it comes to seeing people I went to school with. I'm GLAD I get to stay home with the kids all day; it's the choice I made over getting a full-time job. And sure, I hate my job, but again, it's the choice I made that allows me to be with my kids. But when I see people I knew in high school I get all insecure. I'm sure that they must be thinking awful stuff about me. I don't understand it; I am SO not like that!

At least it's getting better; the first year or two out of college was the worst. I guess that becoming more comfortable with my position in life must come with old age. ;)

Speaking of old birthday is coming up in a month!! whee, I'm throwing myself a party! Every year I say I'm going to do something fun for my birthday and every year I get caught up in whatever and forget all about it until it's too late. But not this year baby! I took a Saturday off in June and I'm planning a big barbecue. Now I just have to convince hubby to do some grilling! Shouldn't be hard; a man and his grill is a beautiful thing. :)


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