Thursday, June 07, 2007

to do

So...I've been slacking big-time on my blogging. I vaguely remember a New Year's Resolution about blogging every day.

Oh well, resolutions are made to be broken, right? ;)

Well look. I've been busy, ok? Trying to get to the gym, spend time with my kids, actually clean the house and keep it clean... I have a to-do list a mile long, and my computer time is the first thing to go when the rest of my day is packed.

I can't help but think how much more I'd get done if I didn't have to sleep, y'know?!

Here's just a little sample of the stuff I have to do:
  1. go to the gym
  2. email so-and-so about guitar lessons
  3. finish mother & son drawing
  4. find the next local Zumba certification class
  5. bring books back to the library
  6. print new schedule, nametags for nursery and toddler rooms at church and bring them there
  7. blog
  8. work
  9. clean
  10. pray
  11. suck it up and call the damn dentist before teeth fall out
  12. find presents for fathers' day, sister's birthday
  13. look up that word my coworker called me
  14. take kids to playground
  15. buy milk. look into cow--landlord doesn't allow pets
  16. groceries--plan menu, make list, actually go sometime this month
  17. eyebrows--threatening to take over face
  18. call mom
  19. Halofest @ brother's apt
  20. find brother's apt?
  21. visit Jo's biography fair at school--look interested
  22. write, print, distribute survey for employee club @ work
  23. put together mailing list for MOPS* newsletter and send the damn thing out before the preschoolers are in high school
  24. stop swearing so much--kids notice?
  25. register Devy for Kindergarten--get name change paperwork back?**
  26. pelvic floor squeeeeeeeze***
  27. fix blogroll
  28. transfer old blog stuff to this one
  29. update dvd queue on
  30. pass out biz cards for MOPS promo
  31. sell MOPS newsletter advertising
  32. email old boss to say hi--send letter instead?
  33. buy art
  34. sell stuff on ebay
  35. post free stuff on freecycle
  36. teach Jo how to ride her bike--kid's 8, cryin out loud
  37. swim lessons for girls
  38. find out how to get paid for something I'm good at--writing? drawing? sex? kidding...?
  39. get bloody organized--why 3 planners for same year, nothing in them?
  40. email all the friends I haven't talked to lately. playdates? *cringe*

Wow, when I type it all out like that it seems...massively overwhelming. I swear to you, bloggy buddies, the next time I pop in, I'll have crossed half this list off.

Or...a third.

A quarter for sure.

What're you up to?

* MOPS stands for Mothers of Preschoolers, and is a great organization for mothers of kids aged birth through Kindergarten. Check it out here.

**When I was pregnant with Devy I had this great idea of how I wanted to spell her full name. She was born, I filled in the great new name spelling on the birth certificate form, we took her home, and I promptly realized I was a hormonal idiot who totally misspelled our daughter's name. We're finally just getting it changed now, in time for her to go to Kindergarten. Seriously...change one stinkin letter and you'd think we were trying to smuggle her in from another country or something with the paperwork and lawyers and fees...

***If you haven't read I Don't Know How She Does It by Allison Pearson? You should. It will give stay at home moms a huge respect for working moms, and will make working moms laugh at their own crazy lives while being proud of what they do for their families. And when I'm a huge famous writer I'm totally denying ever reading chick lit. So there.


in-the-pink said...

I loooooooooooooove your #1. The most important thing.


Have a nice weekend!

kimberly said...

Why, thank you! I never thought it would happen but at some point, "Going to the gym" started ranking right up there with "Chilling in a cafe with good coffee and good book". Who'd'a thunk?! :)